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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Humans and Wildlife and "we know better than you" attitudes

Now, before anyone starts shouting otherwise, I have no issue with wildlife, and enjoy many of the scenes of nature. But when something like this happens, I get royally pissed off.

Now, for those of you who don't realize it, I lived the first couple of years of my life in Jefferson Twp. NJ, and then moved even further out in the country with my parents and brother. Although us seeing bear at home was a relatively rare event, it did happen, and it happened far more frequently around the county and area that I was really comfortable with.

Whenever the hunting community in the state would manage to get the state government to approve the bear hunt for the year, it would get canceled at the last minute, because hunting was cruel and inhumane.

It was so bad that you actually had to worry about protection yourself, and your loved ones if a bear invaded your yard, or even worse, your house.

The fact that the NJSPCA feels the need to charge the owner of the dog with a crime is ludicrous, and shows just how far over the edge NJ has finally fallen.

I'm glad I moved to the land of the free over a year ago...I'm not sure I could ever live as a subject again.


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