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Monday, August 24, 2009

An afternoon delight

The other day (or at least the other day is when I read it) Jay G posted about his .22LR spinner target and how much he enjoys the target. I have one, and I enjoy it immensely, but I don't use it with regular .22 ammo.

Slightly more than a year ago, I was introduced to the following ammo selection at the local gun shop that I frequent. A customer brought in a bolt action .22 rifle that he said would not function and fire properly. The owner grabbed a box of ammo from the desk drawer, grabbed the rifle and walked out the door. Around the side of the building we walked, to the small pile of sand next to the concrete wall.

"Terry, do you have a range back here that you've been hiding from me?"


"OK, so where are we going? What kind of ammo is that?"

"You've never seen these?"

"Nope, what is it?"


I watched as he opened the box of ammo and loaded the rifle. I put my fingers in my ear, and waited. Terry and the owner of the firearm seemed unconcerned.

Terry took aim, or at least pointed at the base of the wall/ the sand pile, and pulled the trigger.


"Huh, what was that?!?!?"

"One of these," said Terry as he handed me the box of ammo.

Super Aguila powderless 22's. A 20 grain bullet loaded for a maximum velocity somewhere below 500fps. The gun sounds like a BB gun when it goes off. The ammo isn't even strong enough to function the action on a .22LR semi-auto.

I immediately thought that this ammo was perfect for introducing a new shooter to the sport. As little recoil as most .22LR has, these rounds are quieter and would allow the shooting of the rifle in the backyard without wearing ear protection, which makes the whole experience far
more pleasant.

I bought a brick (because I always buy .22 in brick lots) and took it home. The next time I had the opportunity I put a few rounds downrange. I loved the idea, but I hated having to function the action on my uncle's .22 after every shot.

The next time I had some money saved up, and had permission to purchase a new toy, I headed to the shop and picked up the rifle shown in the picture. It's a Henry lever action, capable of shooting .22 short, long and long rifle. The combination is perfect.

I frequently shoot these rounds in the backyard at my aunt's house (with safe backstop of course). I shoot them about 20feet from where the rest of the family is sitting around talking. I have introduced several new shooters using the combo above.

My cousin brought her two daughters and her son to my aunt's house and we spent the afternoon putting rounds downrange. I've also used the combination to introduce my girlfriend of 2 years to shooting for the first time, and she enjoyed the experience.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments.


Doom said...

That looks great. I knew there were low velocities out there, but not what they were. As well, if I had known they were that quiet, I would have been digging a bit more (a lot more) for them.

I noticed, too, that the Henry, besides being extremely fun to shoot, is also very quiet as far as .22 rifles go. My 10/22 with the heavy barrel and otherwise customized except for the trigger so far, is a boomstick in comparison.

I feel all the excitement shooting it that I felt when shooting my first .22 rifle. I bought my first .22 behind my Mom's (single then) back. But I found guys who showed me how to shoot it safely and kept it clean, unloaded, and safely stowed, so she let me keep the thing when she found out, and found others who would take me out shooting.

Anyway. Thanks for the info. I have not seen them locally, maybe Cabelas has them online, or Midway. Enjoy your shooting.

Doom said...

I did have a question though. When I looked them up at Midway, they suggested these loads are meant for pistols only. Do you have any problem with them at all? I have a .22 pistol, but it is an auto, so I am not sure about that either.

Have you shot many rounds through? And, do you keep the rifle impeccably clean? I do my best at keeping the rifle clean, but sometimes...

firefighter4884 said...


I'll be honest, I'd never read they were meant for pistols only. I related the story of how I first found out about them.

I shoot them in both the Henry and a Ruger Single Six .22LR.

They are far louder in the Ruger. I also have a confession to make, I hate cleaning guns, so neither the Ruger or the Henry have ever been cleaned...

I've had 0 issues with them out of either gun.

Doom said...

Hehe! I wondered. I hate cleaning my guns, but... I do it, sometimes. Well, I don't hate it but...

So that is cool. I will order 3 boxes of 500 and see how it goes. Thanks for the notion though. I really like the idea. Oh, and the Henry is a very quiet little shooter all on it's own, I suppose due to the lever action. My 10/22 is a loud pup, as is my 22/45 Ruger pistol. Thanks again!

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