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In the effort to promote responsible gun ownership and rights awareness, I make the following open offer to any resident or visitor in the Evansville, IN area:

If you have never shot a gun and would like to try, I am willing to take you shooting free of charge. I will provide the firearms, ammunition, eye/ear protection and I will cover your range fees. I guarantee if you are on the fence about gun ownership and usage, you will not be at the end of the session. You will have fun and learn a little in the process.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to meet at one or the other!

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Doggy Blogging

Took both of the dogs to the vet this morning for check up. The bill ended up being just north of $300 between the two of them.

Nutmeg's bill of health came back all good. We got some more heart worm preventative and got a booster for her vaccines.

Unfortunately, Samoa has some kind of respiratory infection, so we had to start her on antibiotics. She also has several types of intestinal worms that she needs treatment for. We'll pick up medication for that tomorrow because the stool sample we brought in won't be completely analyzed before they can give us the right meds. We also started her on heart worm medications.

Hopefully both puppies get and stay healthy, and we get to have lots of time together.

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