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Sunday, February 01, 2009


I know that I haven't posted often enough to have picked up a regular group of readers. For those of you that do manage to make it here and continue to return for my scribbling, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
That being said, I realized that I have done a bunch of posts regarding ambulances or EMS, and a bunch of posts about guns and stuff. But I'm remiss for not putting up a post about coffee.

To some people, coffee isn't that big a deal. I even know some people who don't drink coffee. I enjoy a nice relaxing cup of coffee in the evening and in the right company (that might include just myself). For the most part, I'll never turn coffee down, morning, noon, or night. I start every early morning with at least a cup and usually two of them, just to get myself going.

Some of the happiest memories in my life occurred when coffee was present, or j was in the process of getting coffee. The ambulances at my volunteer squad didn't know how to pass the Dunkin Donuts without stopping off and when I was working paid transport, some of the guys used to navigate with different Dunkin Donuts as reference points along the way. I've killed more hours sitting at a Dunkin Donuts probably than any other store, excepting maybe the local gun shop. I've started relationships in coffee shops, and I've had relationships end in coffee shops. I cant forget to mention that my first meeting with my current girlfriend occurred at a Starbucks. In some regards, a coffee shop is one. Of the places where I am most at home.

Given my choice, I'd start every morning with either a large or an extra large Dunkin Donuts regular coffee light and sweet (lots of cream and sugar). I actually considered not moving to Indiana because there was no DD in the city I was moving to. I still miss DD coffee, and make sure to treat myself whenever I see a DD! (just a note that there are DD stores in the terminals of both Chicago and Dallas airports!!!)

Oops, off to make a cup!

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