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Saturday, April 19, 2008

BAG Day 2008

Unfortunately, the local shop that I frequent didn't have any of the XD45 4" Service models in stock when I was up there about a month ago. I asked the owner to go ahead and purchase one for me, that I could pick up on BAG day. (Buy a Gun day - April 15th). Even more unfortunately, I was unable to pick the gun up on Tuesday because it hadn't arrived yet.

The pistol arrived on Thursday, and I picked it up last night on my way home from work. Snapped a few photos, and here we are today.

I ended up with a Springfield XD45 ACP, 4" Service model, riding in a Brommeland Gunleather Max-Con V, a total of 6 magazines, and 4 boxes of a new JHP ammo I wanted to try. I'm happy so far, and can't wait to break it in and make it the daily carry. I'm also considering a set of Crimson Trace laser grips, and it needs a set of night sites.

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EE said...

I'm jealous.

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