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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hmmm... Pretty Bad when your own DA is against you!

Nutter, you really are a nut aren't you! I can't believe you thought the law abiding gun owners in the state would take this sitting down, and I can't believe you actually think this will do anything to help stop your crime rates from increasing!

How about you lock up the criminals, and stop punishing innocent gun owners? And really, if you're going to pass some stupid laws, wouldn't it at least make sense to check with the DA before you do so? I mean, how embarrassing is it to hear that your laws are unconstitutional, from your own DA?!?!??!?!

LOL. This actually brings a smile to my face, after the anger I felt when he signed the laws.

My only question now is, when will the DA arrest the mayor for violating the law?

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